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Ian Ségal, sometimes referred to as 'The Michelangelo of the Fantasy Tale,' and other times labeled as 'Rumi reincarnated,' is an American author of fantasy literature, poetry, and philosophy. He is best known for his unique blend of threading the elements of adventure, thrills and suspense, love and romance, heated passion, and twists and turns all sautéed into his own style of storytelling. A master of manipulating the senses, as well as touching one's emotions, his bravura for writing manifests his adeptness in climbing the rungs to each and everyone of his reader's souls. Using fantasy as a backdrop, Mr. Ségal has effectively redesigned the landscape of drama by conjuring up just enough magic, creating a panorama that fills the passages of his epic tales with the colorful and endless mindscape of his unparalleled imagination.

"And so the story unfolds, and like the rainbow of colors of paint spilling onto a canvas, words inked from my feathered quill will impart my tale, inviting all of us into the world of my vision that stretches the boundaries of what is real, and what can only be construed from within
the realm of our dreams..."

~ Ian Ségal

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