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Even as a child, his imagination had soared through the sky with the grace and boldness of an eagle in flight, always endeavoring to climb greater heights, and forever believing that he was destined for something beyond the cookie-cutter mold that society would shape him into. In his early days, those dreams escorted Ian to faraway kingdoms, swinging a sword of proven steel and courage. Other visions found him casting the utterance of a spell, all for the virtuous quest of rescuing a fair maiden of uncompromising beauty and splendor from an evil that was far greater than anyone could fathom. He carried, even at an early age into his teens, all of these visualizations onto the canvas of parchment, scribbling down the color of his mind into his earliest manifestation of the creation of prose. Ian found that he was always triumphant when battling his foes, and conquering their empires, on the landscapes of a world unlike the serene and tranquil suburban town he grew up in.

Ian Ségal, authorBorn in New York City, to a master jeweler and artisan (and former actor and model), and a homemaker (who was also a former jewelry and clothing designer). Ian's parents emigrated to the United States from Europe, his father from Bucharest, Romania, and his mother from Lyon, France. His mother, had always tried to instill upon him her hopes that he would one day either become a doctor, preferably a plastic surgeon, or a corporate attorney for a Fortune 500 company. Neither profession seemed to cultivate the passion that was dormant within him. Ian was raised from childhood in a comfortable upper middle class suburb of New York City. He shared his mother's affinity for reading, and was soon consumed by such authors as Leon Uris, James Michener, Sidney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer, Piers Anthony, Douglas Adams, Ian Fleming, John Le Carré, Tom Clancy, Frederick Forsythe, Barbara Taylor Bradford (a somewhat forced suggestion by Ian's mother, but a welcomed surprise), and ultimately J.R.R. Tolkien (again, the introduction made to him by his mother as she opened his eyes to what appeared to be a less than attractive, dusty and timeworn, hardbound book from the local library, The Hobbit).

Always an honor society student, his grades found him taking his studies to the halls of Carnegie Mellon University, where somehow, by default, he found himself studying information systems, physics, and computer science. However, it was his affinity to relentlessly pursue the idea of transforming his dreams into some kind of reality that navigated him, quietly, to adorning blank booklets with his thoughts, dreams, visions and ultimately poetry and short stories. Ian soon discovered that there was power in his words when he skillfully chained them together into what one would term as a musical score of notes. He soon came to the realization that the capacity to create and tell his stories came with no impediments, no obstacles, and certainly no obstructions. He would find himself chuckling about how many have been plagued by a common disease known as ‘writer’s block’, and insisted on selling his imagination to inoculate those writers from recurring episodes of this ailment. With his eyes closed, always shut, he would find himself conjuring up some of the most unique panoramas, all harvested from within dominion of his inspiration. Ian had no trick up his sleeve – he simply liberated his creative prowess to flow free, and allowed his imagination to breathe in the magnificence of radiating colors of light,
refracted by the prism of his mind.

Ian Ségal, authorSince the early 1980's, Ian stayed the course of creative writing, if only for the pleasure of designing a world where he could retreat to when the ills of life came knocking on his door. An escape, perhaps, or more likely unbeknownst to him, writing was a method of homegrown meditation for Ségal that had him dwelling within the creative hemisphere of his mind. Over the years, while continuing to write for his own pleasure, Ian studied gemology, and for a dozen years, flourished within his own business as a manufacturer of diamond jewelry and purveyor of rare gems and exquisite timepieces. Thereafter, he sold his business, and shifted his career paradigm into technology, offering business solutions consulting to a plethora of industry verticals from banking/finance to health and life sciences, all the while secretly crafting his prose for himself alone.

Today, Ségal is the proud father of two beautiful princesses, Hannah Leah and Chloe Rachael, both of whom emanate warmth of pure beauty beyond what his own eyes can see, as they have wreathed his heart with an enchanting love unparalleled. Ian currently lives alone in Princeton, New Jersey, a single man, working diligently, tirelessly, and at times with no rest burning the midnight oil as he has for several years, threading his passages into his own work of fiction. Painstakingly, Ségal has channeled all of his spiritual emotion into a conduit of energy that is in turn crafting itself into an epic book series that he has titled, Castling the Crowns. Labeled in earnest by his exponentially growing fan base as 'The Michelangelo of the Fantasy Tale,' Ségal continues to pursue his dream of bringing his imagination into the forefront of a grandiose tale, inked by his own hands, but with an artistic flare unlike anything we have seen before.

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