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2015 - Although we're in the 'toddler' stages of this website, learning how to stand on our feet and walk, this section will eventually take hold of the reins of my productivity, offering all of you insight into upcoming events as well as updates regarding my work effort in threading together the passages of my epic series, Castling the Crowns!

In the interim, I invite you to peruse the section devoted to excerpts/teasers from my book (in progress, and title yet to be announced). You can find this library of visually attractive images with superimposed teaser excerpt content under the menu heading above, La Galleria. I hope you enjoy viewing and reading through them, as much as I had designing and compiling them into this mosaic of my collected imagination and thoughts for all of you!

As with several of the authors that have inspired me to create the artistry of threading my mindscape into the landscape of literature, below you will find a poem that I mentally composed one evening on a drive home from an evening spent with friends and family. The preponderance of my most vivid thoughts of expression seem to always birth during the oddest of circumstances, especially during those moments when I have no access to a pen and paper, notebook, or the luxury, such as my laptop, to record these revelations. Typically, those moments of epiphany, strike with the most resounding of energy when I'm always alone, driving a vehicle, or especially in the shower!

This poem sets the stage as an introduction to my epic tale, Castling the Crowns.


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